MACE 2014 – Another great convention is completed!


MACE2014-2MACE 2014 has come to completion. Thank you to Jeff Smith and Ron McClung for another great con!

This year, I was the GM for 2 games:

Vava Java Dice GameAngry Dice Dice Hate Me Games

VivaJava: The Coffee Game, The Dice Game  – Designed by T.C. Petty III and Published by Dice Hate Me Games.

I would personally like to Thank Chris Kirkman from Dice Hate Me Games for sending 2 copies of the game to give away as prizes.  Chris also sent along 5 packages of Angry Dice to give as prizes as well!

Ascension Realms Unravelledand Ascension Realms Unravelled.

D&D5th Edition Players Handbook

I managed to get into several games of D&D 5th Edition.  This was my main gaming time this weekend.  I played in 4 campaigns and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I’m hoping I can convince my 3.5 D&D group to convert to the new 5th edition.  I think they will enjoy this as much as I have this past weekend.

I am already looking forward to MACE 2015.  I am even thinking of checking out MACE WEST and/or Mini Mace.  Maybe I can convince my wife, Beverly to join me?




Minecraft – XBOX ONE Edition

Minecraft XBOX ONE Edition

Minecraft XBOX ONE Edition

I have recently started playing this game!  I can’t believe I have not played it on other platforms prior to this version.  Sometimes I feel I am so far behind and at other times, I feel that I can conquer the world.  However I feel does not alter the fact that I am addicted to this game!

Minecraft will be on my list of games that I will play during my 24 hour marathon.  The cool thing is, this game makes the time seem to fly by!  This will definitely get several hours of playtime during that marathon.  Maybe I can convince some of you to join me in my world?  If you want to add me on the XBOX ONE, send me a request to SKirkham1967A on the XBOX.


Extra-Life – Help heal kids!

Extra Life Twitch DisplayHi everyone!  Just a quick note that I will be playing Video Games for 24 hours straight on October 25, to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals.  I would love to see if you can donate any money at all, even $1.00 helps!  The donation goes directly to the hospital and you also get a tax deductible writeoff for it. You can visit my Donation Page to help out!

I will also be streaming my 24 hour marathon on my twitch channel.

I hope you will consider helping us out this year and heal kids!  They are the future of our world, and they deserve a chance to see that future!


XBOX Gold Games for August 2014



This month XBOX Gold Members may download the following games for Free:

Go grab them for FREE while you can!

I’ll try to have a review for a couple of these some time soon.

Mario Kart 8


Mario Kart 8 arrived at my house and I have been playing it for a couple days now.  I have to say this is a really nice version of the game.  The graphics are incredible, the music is awesome, and the overall play is just as we remember it with other Mario Karts.  I prefer the Wii U wheel when I play the game, but each person I know has their favorite input devices.

Right now there is another incentive to buying this game.  If you buy it and register it at Club Nintendo by July 31, 2014, you can receive a free digital download of one of the following titles:  Super Mario Brothers U, Pikmin 3, Wii Party U, or Zelda Wind Waker.

Pikmin 3 SuperMarioBrosU WiiPartyU ZeldaWindWaker

Right now I am thinking this might be a system seller to get people to buy the Wii U if they have not already done so.  The package can be bought for $329 and comes with Mario Kart 8.  I’ll be posting more about Zelda at a later date, since that is the free game I chose.

Until then, if you want to play online with me, please feel free to add my Nintendo ID:  SKirkham1967A.


Games Games and More Games!

Recently, Besides playing Board Games, I have also been playing a lot of Video Games.  Both of these I am very passionate about, and with that I decided to not only talk about Modern Board Games on this blog, but I am also going to start incorporating video gaming posts as well. The games I include will be for the following systems:





At some point in the future I may also include a PS4, but at this time that system will not be included.

I hope you like the new content that will be coming to the podcast shortly.

And by the way, as of right now the website name is not being changed, but that does not mean that I won’t change it in the future.  If/When I decide to change the name of the site, I will keep you all updated as much as possible on this blog, also on my Facebook page at, and also in my Twitter Feed at

If you want to add me to any of the above systems you can add me at:

XBOX ONE or XBOX 360:  Gamertag = SKirkham1967A

WiiU – GamerID = SKirkham

3DS – Friend Code: 3007-8081-2583

I hope to be playing some video games online with you all soon!

Steam Park

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Steam Park

Steam Park is one of the latest games from Iello Games.  The object of the game is to build the best theme park and earn the most profit from the rides and stands you build throughout the park.

The components comprise of: 24 dice (6 for each player), 42 Visitors (7 for each of the 6 colors), 4 Starting Ground tiles, 20 Additional Ground tiles, 18 Rides (3 for each color and 6 in each size), 24 Stands (4 for each of the 6 kinds), 1 Turn Track, 4 Turn Order token, 1 Turn Counter, 4 Pig boards, Dirt tokens, 34 Bonus cards, 1 Cotton bag, 4 Reference cards, Banknotes for money, 1 Rule book

Play:  During each turn (6 turns total), all players roll their 6 dice and continue to roll them until they are satisfied with the results on each die.  The first player that stops rolling their die takes the 1st player Turn Token.  The second player who stops takes the next turn token, and so on.

On the 1st Token there two dirt removal icons which represent removing dirt from the player.  The 2nd token also has dirt removal.  The 3rd has none and the 4th gives dirt to the player.

Dirt is a BAD thing to have in the end!  For the amount of dirt you have at the end you will deduct some money based on the amount of dirt.  There is a Reference track for that payment.

Once players have finished rolling their dice, the 1st player will play his dice in any order to either build rides, build stands, get rid of dirt, play card(s) from their hand, try to gather people for the rides or be blank. They can also be used to help you expand your park for more space.

Once you have built rides you can try to get people for those rides to earn you cash each round.  Unfortunately these people also create Dirt in the park.  Remember to clean the dirt up or be penalized in the end.

Stands can earn you actions like:  Draw a new person from the bag, convert a die to another side of that same die, clean extra dirt, place a meeple of a different color on a ride (temporarily).

You will want to expand your park at some point because when you lay the rides down and the stands down they can not touch each other unless it’s the same colored ride touching each other or the same stand touching each other.  For instance, a Red 3 person ride can be upgraded by adding a red 2 Person or a red 1 Person ride to it.  You can not add for instance a blue ride to the red ride.

For each person you have in your park at the end of the round you score 3 money.  You can also earn money by some of the cards you play (but remember, you will need dice to play a card)

The winner in the end is the person who has the most money.

My Final Thoughts: I love the 3D aspect of the components that are used for rides and stands.  The dice could have been a little heavier (they are made out of wood), but that is not a deal breaker.  I think people who have been playing games for a while and even new folks to the hobby would really love to play this game.  It’s simple to teach and it does require some thinking at times to see how you can maximize your profits.  I would recommend this game to everyone!

I want to thank Iello Games for sending a review copy.  You can find out more about Iello Games at: 

facebook page:
 twitter page:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.